Anjali Mukerjee Health Articles

Diet For A Good Sleep Routine

We rarely think that correcting our diet has any impact on our quality of sleep. We repair our bodies when we sleep.
It’s important to know that making the right food choices gives us the energy to not only complete our tasks but also strengthens our immune system, improves memory, repairs our bones, tissues, heals our wounds and makes us live energetically.

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Foods That Beat The Flu

There is no doubt that healthy eating habits are an inexpensive health insurance policy, which increases immunity and health to fight various illness and infections. However, there still would be some conditions, which would keep striking us, once in a while, regardless of how well we plan our meal options.

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11 Ways To Shop, Cook & Eat Healthy When You’re Living Alone

Cooking for guests usually evokes a sense of pride and accomplishment. But when you are cooking healthy for yourself, it can feel more like a chore. On top of that, a busy lifestyle can make it difficult to plan and prepare healthy meals.

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Anjali Mukerjee Healthy Recipes

Moong Dal Chilla

A perfect breakfast and snacks option, Moong Dal Chilla is easy to prepare and tastes yum, especially when served with mint and coriander chutney.

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Veggie Wrap

Veggie Wrap is loved by both kids and older people. It gives you a break from the regular food items and also keeps you full for a longer time.

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Low-Fat Hummus Dip

A Middle-Eastern delicacy, Low-Fat Hummus Dip is a perfect option for those who love their dips dearly. This recipe gives you the exact taste that you expect from your dip, at the same time, guaranteeing good health.

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